For affordable window installation that adds beauty, both inside and out of your Birmingham area home, call us now. The process starts with an installation that is structurally sound: air-tight, water-tight and wind-resistant. Start with fresh, energy-saving ideas in a free, no-obligation consultation. You’ll love what you discover!

Give us a call for excellence in new window installation. We can work within your home improvement budget to give you the look you love, the energy efficiency you want and the weather protection you need.

Improve Your Home

Whether you need new windows or just want to replace old ones, there has never been a better time to make this important home improvement. With so many styles, materials and colors available, we can find one to suit your architecture perfectly:

  • Wood Windows – Made from solid or durable composite, this is a time-honored and natural choice. The frames can be made to order including trim, which saves on installation time. We can order them painted or pre-primed.
  • Clad Windows – Wood provides a strong, solid core for attractive finishes in aluminum or vinyl. They are energy-smart and come in a wide array of colors.
  • All-vinyl Windows – This is an affordable choice that requires very little maintenance and excellent energy efficiency.

Excellence in Window Installation

Even the most high-quality windows will not do their job if they aren’t installed right. That is why we take great care to prepare and fasten your new panes perfectly.

We work in teams to ensure quality control in every new window installation and shield your furnishings and carpets from debris. We do only one opening at a time to minimize your home’s exposure to the outside elements. We also repair any existing damage we find around the frames to protect your home’s structural integrity.

Fast, Efficient, Trustworthy

Our Birmingham window installation can usually be finished in a single day. You can enjoy the great new looks immediately and feel a difference in your inside air. And you can schedule your new windows with confidence because we back every job with a manufacturer’s warranty and our own labor guarantee. We are experienced, licensed and insured, and will leave your home in pristine condition.

A Green Choice

Affordable window installation will save you money on your cooling and heating bills – as much as 20 percent. Enjoy the greatest savings when you choose double panes filled with gases designed to block temperature transfer. We also take additional steps to insulate around the framework for an added measure of protection. Such solid installation makes for greater performance and long-term savings. You will not face the risk of cracks, loss of conditioned air or damaging moisture. New windows are good for your home and better for the environment.

A Good Investment

Repairing old windows is only, at best, a temporary fix. The costs add up and the problem is not solved. We have products at every price point. Adding even modestly-priced panes will afford you far greater energy efficiency and lower care costs than multiple repairs of inefficient panes. In many cases, repairs simply can’t be done.

We Install it All!

  • Casement Windows – Windows that crank outward are easy to clean and seal up tight.
  • Single and Double Hung Windows – Popular and available in a wide range of colors, single and double sashes provide easy maintenance, simple operation and excellent value.
  • Bay and Bow Windows – Gently curved or angled with storage-seating below, these are a perfect solution when you want to add the feeling of greater space. They are perfect for adding architectural interest and easy elegance.
  • Sliders – Glass doors are easy to clean and care for, and help you bring the outside in. We can turn a window or plain door into a stunning portal to the great outdoors.
  • Architectural Windows – Custom panes can be cut to any dimensions, even floor-to-ceiling, to enhance a special view. We can have almost any size and shape fabricated to your specifications, and the result won’t leak or crack.

A new and affordabble window installation is one of the best investments you can make in your Birmingham home. And when you choose a professional contractor to do the job, you will never have to worry about air leakage, moisture buildup or joint cracking. All you will notice is the beauty of a fresh new look and how much more comfortable and quiet your home will be inside. Call now.

We provide affordable window installation in Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Hoover, and the greater Birmingham, AL areas.