Call now for expert vinyl siding installation. You’ve heard vinyl siding is durable, beautiful and easy-care. But did you know it’s one of the fastest upgrades you can make to your house? In about a day, you can give your exterior walls the beauty and protection you need.

Whether you want a horizontal or vertical look, you can rely on our experienced team to do the job right. Vinyl siding installation will add value and curb appeal to your home. It will not leak, buckle or crack. Seams will overlap in an aesthetically pleasing way. It is the perfect way to protect your house from the effects of weather.

What Vinyl Siding Installation Can Do

If you’re new to this type of home cladding, give us a call. We’ll offer you choices and a clear, written estimate. You will be glad you chose vinyl siding to finish your home and glad you chose us as your installer!

Vinyl siding panels mimic the look of wood, but they do not have the high maintenance associated with natural materials. They have the strength of fiber cement siding, but are much more extensively field-tested and predictable. They also do not require sanding and painting, cleaning is so simple; all it takes is mild detergent and water.

A Fast Fix for Your Home

This type of exterior wall cladding goes on much faster than wood or fiber cement because it simply snaps on. Yet it is extremely durable: properly installed, it will resist wind lift, keep out rainwater and maintain its color for a lifetime. If it is ever dented or damaged by large hail or harsh windstorms, it is easy to replace.

Vinyl siding installation is often touted as a DIY project, and indeed it requires fewer tools than do fiber cement and wood. But the details that go into a professional installation ensure success and a long service life. There will be no need to repair or replace our panels under normal circumstances. We will do it right the first time. Call now for your free cost estimate.

Hallmarks of Proper Installation

Keys to successful vinyl siding installation are patience and precision, and you will find that is the foundation of our business. We ensure a perfect job every time, nails are straight and driven in at least ¾ inches into the wall studs, and vinyl paneling is put on straight . Sometimes the original cladding has to be removed to make sure the new courses line up with the foundation. We will always give you honest answers and a written estimate so you know what’s in store. Your vinyl cladding won’t be affixed too tightly to the exterior wall. While it might seem that a tighter fit is a better fit, you must leave room for expansion and contraction of building materials or your vinyl siding installation will not last long. We do it right!

Top Quality Preparation

We want you to be satisfied with the work we do on your home. We never take the easy route or skimp on materials. Whether you are adding siding over another material or house wrap, we will make sure it’s in good shape before we begin working. If you call us to replace pieces, we’ll check the integrity of the underlying materials. Aluminum fasteners will be used on aluminum trim, so there’s never an issue of corrosion.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

There are about 1,000 vinyl siding products out there, with more than 300 color combinations. We know it can be difficult to choose a pallet, but we have the skilled eye to compliment your architecture perfectly. When you call us for an estimate, we will give you a free consultation to show you options that fit your goals and your budget.

Benefits to Professional Vinyl Siding Installation

We carry only well-known brands that come with warranties. And we back every job with our own labor guarantee. Because we are licensed, insured and locally based, we’ll be here for you today, tomorrow – whenever you need us. You can rely on our reputation for quality and reliability for all your cladding needs.

We provide vinyl siding installation in Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Hoover, and the greater Birmingham, Alabama areas.