Your gutters work hard to divert water from your house, so it’s important to keep them in good working order. When you need fast gutter repair in Birmingham, get to know our experienced team. We do top quality work at a fair price. Call now to re-secure your rain troughs.

When replacement isn’t in your budget or you need a minor fix, we can do a fast and thorough job. Homeowners throughout the area count on us for honest work, guaranteed workmanship and long-term solutions.

We’ll Solve the Problem – Guaranteed!

Our gutter repair starts with a careful inspection of your existing channels and downspouts. We can quickly pinpoint what’s wrong and do the kind of work you can count on.

For your house gutters to work perfectly, they need to be well-secured to your home. We’ll check the fasteners for you.

The downspouts must be affixed to the walls in more than one place. Whether your home is brick, stucco, CBS or wood, our gutter repair services can replace straps so they last.

Gutter corners and connections need to be leak-proof. We will seal them tight.

Gutter Repair Basics

If your gutters are sectional, the caulk used to seal the pieces can crack or separate. This can happen for any number of reasons, including the natural expansion and contraction of all building materials. The result is always the same: rainwater will seep through the separations.

Gutter fasteners can rust, leading to leakage and damage.

Wind lift can cause fastener holes to elongate, creating a loose connection.

Too much debris can add weight. More frequent gutter cleaning, a leaf guard, or seamless channels are all possible solutions. Call now to learn about our worry-free gutter installation.

Patching Holes

Sharp tools or falling branches can puncture vinyl, aluminum or copper. Galvanized steel can rust. Roofing cement and special webbing is used to patch some types of holes, although welding is recommended for copper. If you discover a hole, act quickly. Count on us to use compatible and durable materials for a strong bond.

Standing Water Problems?

If your troughs were not sloped correctly in the first place, they need to be repositioned. If water pools in your gutters, never drill drainage holes, as it leaves the material vulnerable. We move your tubing and hold it in place with special, heavy-duty brackets. They will look great and last for many years.

Add Strength

A large accumulation of debris or weak fasteners can cause sagging. This is a relatively simple fix for a pro. We can quickly replace the spikes used to secure the channels to the fascia with a variety that won’t back out.

Why You Need a Pro for Gutter Repair

Fixing minor problems can sometimes be a do-it-yourself project – if you know what you’re doing. However, in our experience, it’s too easy to make mistakes. So it’s a wise idea to let an experienced gutter contractor in Birmingham to do the job right the first time. It’s definitely less expensive than fixing the same problem multiple times. Call now for a free cost estimate.

Avoid Hazards

Aluminum, vinyl, steel and copper – all must be repaired with patches that are compatible with the base material or you risk a damaging chemical reaction. Also, using power tools and sharp blades while perched on a ladder is extremely dangerous: more than 100,000 people are hurt each year in ladder accidents. Our contractors are well-trained in safety practices and the latest techniques.

Cut Down on Gutter Repair

We provide solutions that will reduce repair and gutter cleaning chores – or eliminate them altogether!

Seamless Gutters

These are made in minutes, right in your driveway, using a special machine. Single pieces are made to fit your roof dimensions. Other than necessary corners, there are no breaks to potentially leak or catch debris.

Gutter Guards

Also known as a gutter screen, these can be added to a new or existing drainage system. Gutter covers close off the top edge, allowing rainwater to pass through but screening out tree debris.

For long-lasting gutter installation, repairs, and cleaning, give us a call. We aim for total customer satisfaction every time, the best materials available, and the best warranties in the business.

We offer rain gutter repair in Birmingham, Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Hoover, AL.