Vinyl siding is an affordable, weather-resistant and great choice for your home. It won’t fade, flake or rot. Call our knowledgeable team for a free cost estimate today.

Restore the beauty of your home with a solution that goes on quickly and keeps its great looks for years. Vinyl siding holds its value and carries a worry-free manufacturer’s limited warranty. Add to this our own workmanship guarantee and you have a home siding solution that is easy to maintain and energy efficient.

Resists Weather

Vinyl siding can handle tough conditions. It stands up to snow, wind, rain and hailstones. You might call it the perfect home casing for Alabama’s unpredictable weather. We are experienced installers who know how to do the job right for beautiful results and durable home protection. It is rated for winds exceeding 110 mph and can stand temperatures of more than 100 degrees, to well below freezing without losing its strength, and it never needs repainting because the color is integrated in the material.

Easy Installation

Nothing is easier than vinyl siding installation. No priming, sanding or caulking is needed. Pre-formed panels just snap into place and are then secured with tough fasteners. The panels overlap densely to form a weatherproof barrier.

Keeps Moisture Out

It’s important to have water protection because moisture can rot your wallboard and framing. It can also cause mold to grow inside the walls and eventually spread through your air conditioning ducts. And, of course, termites love soft, moist wood. We can prevent these issues by adding durable vinyl siding to your home.

Cement fiber siding and wood siding can swell if they’re not treated and caulked periodically. Polymeric material is unaffected by rain and humidity.

Vinyl siding won’t let moisture in, but it is self-ventilating so inside vapors can escape. That means no moisture inside your walls.

Easy to Repair

Vinyl siding stands up to high winds, the type you see in tornadoes and severe storms. However, almost any material can be damaged by flying branches. Should a panel ever get punctured or dented, replacement panels can be put on in minutes. Best of all, they will nearly always be a perfect match.

Affordable Protection

Because they are lightweight, they are relatively inexpensive to transport, as opposed to wood and cement-fiber siding. Because they simply snap into place, you will save on installation costs compared with other types. And when it comes to maintenance, vinyl siding costs almost nothing! It never needs sanding or painting, it will not warp or crack. It cleans easily with mild detergent (if needed) and a garden hose.

Vinyl siding prices vary by thickness, profile and manufacturer. There is a solution at your price range. Call now to learn more.

Great Looks

There are more than 1,000 combinations of color, texture and size available from top manufacturers. We can help you find the best choices for your house. Whether you are building a new home, refurbishing an older one, or just want easier maintenance, vinyl siding is the number one home cladding in the country.

Compare It to Wood and Cement Fiber

From modern looks to historical restorations, our products have all the beauty of painted wood without all the hard work. Natural wood and cement-fiber must be repainted to repel moisture and maintain their color. Vinyl does not! The fade-resistant hues are built right into the material.

Energy Efficient and Green

Vinyl siding can be an excellent insulator. Its secure fit and energy-smart construction won’t allow conditioned air out or drafts in. You will feel a comfortable difference immediately. And because it won’t crack or warp, the paneling will stay tight for decades.

Lifetime materials like vinyl siding have other advantages: they rarely need replacement so they create less of a burden on our landfills. They don’t have to be finished with paint and other harmful finishes, and they cost less to produce and transport.

Dependable Vinyl Siding Installation

Every job comes with our own labor guarantee as well as full manufacturers’ warranties. You will enjoy honest, dependable customer service and the peace of mind that comes with a local, licensed and insured company. Call now and you will be as impressed with vinyl siding as we are!

We install vinyl siding in Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Hoover, and the greater Birmingham, Alabama areas.